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1396 Heald Hwy
Union, ME 04862 US
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Specializing in Saab auto repair and service in Union, ME.


  • Mark Mason works miracles for less than an arm and a leg. Professional staff and prompt service.

    Melissa B., via Google
  • #1 best place in the Mid-Coast Maine area to bring your Saab.

    Jeremy L., via Google
  • Wouldn't take my Saab anywhere else! Great service, super reliable, and they definitely try to get you the best bang for your buck. When leaving the shop I always know my car is in tip top shape and has been handled with care. My only regret is that I wish I knew about these guys sooner!

    Alayna J., via Google

3 Reviews

  • Robert P.
    Robert P.3 years ago

    I have known about Mark's Imports knowledge of Saabs for some time now, but being 40 miles away, my regular mechanic can take care of most issues pretty good. But after having trouble with a stubborn oil leak, I wanted someone who was use to Saabs to take a look. Told me it was most likely one of four things, they didn't know me from Adam, left the car in the morning, got a call about 3:30 saying it was all set. $24.00 parts and the rest labor $71.00 in ALL. I could not believe it. I was some happy that told me a lot about Mark's. Being honest is alive and well in Union, Maine. They could have found something else or more expensive, just because, but now they have a very satisfied new customer that will gladly spread the word. Thanks Mark's for not taking advantage at this time, of all times. Money is tight for everyone.

    2004 Saab 9-5 ARC
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  • David
    David7 years ago

    It is well worth it for me to travel 75 miles each way to an independent Saab master mechanic. Mark and company really know and appreciate Saabs. They are fair and prompt.

    2002 Saab 9-5 Linear sedan
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  • George Goodwin
    George Goodwin9 years ago

    Mark Mason is a trained SAAB mechanic and is experienced and knowledgable. He has two trained men working for him. I have used this shop for nearly 10 years with no complaints. I will continue.

    2001 Saab 93
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