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Edgewater, MD 21037 US
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Silver Star is a family owned independent shop serving the Annapolis area since 1987. Founded, owned, and operated by Joe Hall, a Mercedes-Benz Master Technician, our emphasis is on customer service and fixing your Saab right the first time.

We service and repair the latest model Saabs as well as the classics.

We will advise you on the proper maintenance and repair of your Saab with the level of integrity you expect and will appreciate.

We offer all the amenities with real customer service:

  • One year unlimited mileage warranty on new replacement parts
  • We offer factory level service and repairs
  • Fast courteous service, one day in most cases
  • Courtesy shuttle for local transportation
  • Reduced rate rental vehicles
  • Early bird / night owl drop off system
  • Comfortable waiting area with free coffee and cable
  • Complimentary car wash


  • Cable TV
  • Courtesy Car Wash
  • Customer Lounge
  • Refreshments
  • After Hours Drop-Off
  • Shuttle Service
  • Contact-Free Service
  • Pick Up & Delivery

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  • I have always appreciated the fine service that Joe Hall and his team have provided me over the past 11 years. Thanks for all of the outstanding service that you have given me.

  • Silver Star is a professional auto service provider that I have been pleased with on numerous visits. The service staff is credible and committed to excellence.

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  • Andrea Smith1 year ago

    Today was my first time visiting and the group has certainly earned my trust. I went in to have a key programmed, which they did for a fair price. (I purchased the cut key and remote unit from and asked another operation to program it---but they declined and seemed offended at the notion of programming a key which they had not ordered through their own shop.) When I made the same request of Silver Star, Joseph discussed with me the reasons to be careful about ordering keys and remote units online, and even went the extra mile to visit the site I was making the purchase from in order to ensure that I would be getting what I needed. Moving on...while on my way to the appointment, the Saab lost power suddenly and I had to do some special maneuvering to get it all the way to the shop. I explained the situation to Walt and he got right on it. It took a little while, but the shop diagnosed the problem -- limp home mode -- made the repair, and fully explained what that mode meant now, and what it might mean eventually. Walt and company also took the initiative to give the Saab a courtesy check-up -- tire pressure levels, fluids and such -- and to make some recommendations about upkeep moving forward. Ultimately, I walked away with a programmed key and the Saab running nicely. The final fee was reasonable and I believe that Silver Star is dedicated to provided excellent, honest service. They've won my confidence--and future business.

  • Justin Weddell2 years ago

    I have a 2003 330xi and had them replace my front passenger side CV boot in 2018. The metal clips that hold the boot in place and keep dirt and debris out came off a few time and I had to keep taking it back to get them to secure it. After a while it was a waste of time when they we not able to get it to stay. 3.5 years later the boot is already torn and needs to be replaced. I can tell its been like this for a while based on the amount of grease and dirt around when the boot is torn. Of course they only have a 1 year warranty on their parts and labor. For an expensive repair that is common on these cars I would expect a better part to last longer. UPDATE - Joseph reach out to me and offered me the opportunity to bring it in for them to check out the problem and replace the part under warranty. When I picked up the car he took his time talking to me about the issue showing me pictures he took of the part and why it could have happened. He even took his time reading my codes because my check engine light was on. They have won me back as a customer and I appreciate their service. I also appreciate the quick turnaround time. I dropped the vehicle off and it was ready a few hours later.

  • Peter2 years ago

    Silver Star is my trusted and reliable auto service shop in Annapolis. Their expertise in German cars translates into confidence they can solve any problem on my '03 BMW 530i (E39). Joseph and Walt provide courteous and respectful customer service and Silver Star mechanics do an expert job diagnosing and repairing problems. Importantly, they work expeditiously and offer great value vs. dealership or other repair shops. I heartily recommend Silver Star for your automotive repairs.

  • eric Jay2 years ago

    I have a 1990 Saab turbo. How do you find a place to competently work on it? How about a shop that only works on four brands with Saab being one of them. They put in many hours working on a steering problem but charged for about half of them. To boot, they then gave me their, first time customer, 10 percent discount without me asking for it. I'll go back.

  • Mindi V2 years ago

    Joseph and his team deserve 5+ stars all around. This place is so underrated for what they do. They have the best customer service I have ever experienced in any shop I have been to and they provide true value for the superior service every single time. They are pretty much a one stop shop for virtually all your car needs including getting your car registration and driver's license next door. I am picky about who works on my BMWs and Joseph and his team are always available to provide me with advice when I need it. His team takes care of both of my BMWs (one of which has high-end modifications and is of sentimental value to me) and provides the utmost care (plus washes the car after each service!). This team is knowledgeable, trustworthy, conscientious and also goes above and beyond to solve a problem. Whether you talk to Joseph, Walt or any team member, they are super helpful and nice. I would also deem this shop as female friendly. I never feel disrespected or "talked down to" because I'm a female who asks questions about her cars. I would not want to take my BMWs anywhere else in the Annapolis area. You will always get the best from Joseph and his team.

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5 Reviews

  • Chris Henson
    Chris Henson3 years ago

    I had my transmission maintenance done which includes the fluid and filter change for the Haldex AWD system. Silver Star is the my place go to when I need work on my Saab. They are honest, friendly and affordable. They did an excellent job and the price was far better then other shops that quoted me more then double what Silver Star charged. I will have all of my future work and maintenance performed at Silver Star.

    2010 Saab 9-5 aero
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  • Geoffrey Knight
    Geoffrey Knight11 years ago

    Silver Star has been servicing my dad's 2 Mercedes for the longest time, also my 1979 Mercedes 300sd since 2010. Recently i got a Saab 9-5 aero and have been going through the usual repairs to get it to pass safety inspection. Terry at the parts counter know exactly what he is talking about and can always help me get whatever part i am looking for within one or two days. This is a great help for me because i do most of the work on my cars. Whatever work i can't do or don't feel like doing i hand over to silver star to preform, Joseph and Tom always give me accurate quotes and call me if a quote needs to be changed during a job and get my approval before moving on. They also have a shuttle service to transport you to and from the shop while they work on your car.

    Myself and my dad always get treated like family at Silver Star, whenever i need help with working on my car Joseph is there to give me anything from torque specs to physically looking at my car in the parking lot to assist me with whatever my problem is. I very highly recommend Silver Star Service Center to anyone that drives not just a Saab but Mercedes, Jaguar and BMW.

    2001 Saab Aero
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    Joe Hall11 years ago

    Thank you Mr. Knight for taking the time to help spread the word about our shop. It has been a pleasure to help you and your Dad maintain your family of vehicles!

  • Dennis O'Meara
    Dennis O'Meara11 years ago

    Silverstar has serviced my 1999 Saab since I moved to the Annapolis area in 2009 and what a refreshing change from my old shop in VA! The service manager, Joseph Hall, takes the time to listen to what I need accomplished, makes sound recommendations on additional work required, is honest enough to recommend deferring work that doesn't need immediate attention, and works hard to accommodate my scheduling preferences. The technical work is excellent, and my vehicle is returned clean and ready to drive off. I am convinced that the attention Silverstar pays to my car has kept it on the road and running reliably into its 13th model year.

    I strongly recommend Silverstar to anyone I know with an out of warranty Saab (and with Saab in Chapter 11, sadly, every Saab is "out of warranty.").

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    Joe Hall, Owner11 years ago

    Captain O'Meara has touched on all the areas we work to excel in. It is our obligation and responsibility to provide this level of service to Customers. We appreciate the recognition and your business.

    P.S. For late model SAAB owners GM has stated they will honor the warranty on vehicles sold by them prior to 2/2010. Please contact us if you have questions about your SAAB. We are committed to keeping Saab owners and their cars happy.

  • E. Alan Hannum
    E. Alan Hannum12 years ago

    Joe and his crew helped keep my Saab running well for years. Service was always prompt and efficient, work was done well, on estimate, and on time. Go there and get great service over a substantial savings over dealer costs. Thanks Silverstar!

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  • Jeannette
    Jeannette14 years ago

    I was having problems with my drivers side window in my Saab 9.3. After calling them to discuss the issue, they quoted me for $150 - parts and labor. When I took the car in to have the repair done, they called me later to say what they had originally quoted me was incorrect, the car instead needed $450 worth of parts and labor to make the repair. Not being able to afford that price at the time, I asked them to put the car back together, provide a diagnostic so that I could have it repaired in the future, and they STILL charged me $150! Ridiculously bad service, I can't even put it into words. Oh and the best part of the whole ordeal, was that I took my car to another location to have the window repaired and the diagnosis they provided was incorrect! I would not recommend Silver Star even if it was your last option and your car was about to breakdown in front of their building.

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    Joseph Hall12 years ago

    It is our goal to satisfy all our customers and correct any problems that occur. We were asked to look into a noise in the drivers window. We found the window regulator was going bad and the customer could not fix it at the time. Per the customers request we disabled the window so it would stay up. We also told the customer we would apply the $150 towards the repair when they were able to make the repair.