Saab Battery Charging System Light: Why is it Illuminated?

What does it look like: A car battery.

What color is it: Yellow or orange.

What does it mean: The battery light illuminates when your vehicle’s computer indicates a re-charging system failure, or a malfunction of the battery.

What to do when it comes on: Upon start-up of your Saab, the battery charging system will light up and then turn off. If the battery light remains lit after starting your Saab, then there is a problem with your battery.

You are still able to drive if the battery light comes on in your Saab, but you’ll want to get into your local Saab service center soon, before the battery completely fails and your car dies. However, if you’re driving and the engine temperature begins to rise or your vehicle begins to overheat, pull over and turn everything off to prevent any possible engine damage.

What steps need to be taken to turn light off: Some things you can do conserve battery power until you take your car to an expert Saab technician include turning off everything that draws power from the battery, for example, the A/C system, heating system, stereo, accessories, etc.

Once you arrive at the independent Saab repair center, your technician will test the battery charge, and inspect the battery terminals and components to make sure they are clean and free from corrosion and dirt. Your Saab technician will also inspect to see if the cables have any bulges or cracks. In addition, the battery fluid level will be checked and topped off if necessary, and they will check the alternator, serpentine belt and fuses.