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Perfection Auto Works is a Tucson Saab repair shop that specializes in Saab repair, Saab diagnosis, Saab engine overhaul, Saab service and maintenance, complete Saab electrical diagnosis, Saab alignment, Saab clutch replacement, Saab oil change, Saab interior repair, Saab parts and service. If you drive a Saab in Tucson, come see us — we'll take care of you and your Saab.

We have over 20 years experience repairing Saabs in Tucson, 1 year parts and labor on all Saab repairs.


  • My 12 year old SAAB's alarm went off and would not shut down. I took it to Royal (originally Don Mackey), who as the dealership, had been servicing my car. They informed me that they no longer serviced SAABs! I went to the local SAAB repair shop they recommended. There, I was pressured to purchase a new system for $500 when I only wanted the alarm disabled. This was accomplished for a mere $60, but was clearly not what they wanted to do. Needing a 90,000 mile service, I contacted a SAAB mechanic, a fellow SAAB owner recommended. He said he would call back with an estimate. He never did even though I left him several messages, so I gave up. Three strikes and I really felt out! Could I find anyone in Tucson who would provide appropriate and dependable service? Then I found Mike and Perfection Auto via the internet. I have brought my SAAB in twice now for service and repairs. Mike is extremely knowledgeable and provides excellent customer service. He educates me as to what can or needs to be done so that I can make informed decisions. He tries to save me money in the process. He treats my car as if it was his own! They say that nothing is perfect in life, but Perfection Auto Works comes pretty darn close.

    Ellen F.
  • I would like to thank Mike Emery and all the Porsche mechanics at "Perfection Auto Works" in Tucson, Arizona for a job well done on my 1976 911 SC Porsche Targa. Mr. Emery has done extensive work by removing my engine and a complete overall job, as the car sat in my garage for over 2 years.

    The Porsche industry, I am sure, is proud to have representation and knowledgeable mechanics like Mike Emery. Again, my sincere thanks for all you have done for a female senior. I am and always will be a Porsche lover.

    Rosina P.
  • I went to Perfection Auto Works for new brakes, and Mike was very helpful and explained what exactly needed to be done and why. They are very honest and their prices are very reasonable compared to the dealership. Also, they offer a student discount, and you get a discount at enterprise for a car rental. Everything went great, and I was treated with respect and given a great price for the repairs. I would definitely recommend Perfection to anyone that needs repairs and is looking for a quick and honest shop!

    Thank you again Mike!

  • MIKE EMERY IS ONE SMART DUDE. He has gained my respect and admiration as a truly great auto expert. I am planning on getting all my future auto problems taken care of by Mike and Perfection Auto Works. GOOD JOB, MIKE!

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  • Becky Johnson
    Becky Johnson12 years ago

    Just got my car out of Perfection Auto Works, and my Saab feels like a new car!

    We kept seeing oil on the driveway, so we took it to Perfection to be inspected. They replaced the oil pan, tightened the valve cover gasket, and I felt that the repair cost was very reasonable. The free 26 point inspection let me see what was going on with the whole car, so I fixed the door latch, and the head light bulb.

    They recommended a major service ( my mileage was getting very bad ) Mike Emery let me know all the problems with the car and was there for all my questions.

    I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this shop.... the price was reasonable, the communication was great, and the car is better than ever, thanks to a repair shop that CARES to give value, and honest repairs.

    My husband took his 03 BMW to Perfection Auto Works and is also very happy.... they did front and rear brakes, and the job was done on time, the price was lower than other repair shops we called on, and they reminded us of the one year 12,000 mile warranty on all the repairs they do.

    My son drives a 87 BMW 325e that needs repairs, so where do you think I'm taking his car ? Perfection Auto Works!

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